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A cubic spline approximation for problems in fluid mechanics
A cubic spline approximation is presented which is suited for many fluid-mechanics problems. This procedure provides a high degree of accuracy, even with a nonuniform mesh, and leads to an accurateExpand
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Incompressible flow along a corner
The incompressible viscous flow along a right-angle corner, formed by the intersection of two semi-infinite flat plates, is considered. The effect of the three-dimensional geometry on theExpand
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A diagonally dominant second-order accurate implicit scheme
Abstract An unconditionally stable second order accurate, implicit, finite difference method is described. The coefficient matrix is tridiagonal and always diagonally dominant. As an illustrativeExpand
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Viscous flow solutions with a cubic spline approximation
Abstract A cubic spline approximation is used for the solution of several problems in fluid mechanics. This procedure provides a high degree of accuracy even with a non-uniform mesh, and leads to aExpand
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Polynomial interpolation methods for viscous flow calculations
Abstract Higher-order collocation procedures resulting in tridiagonal matrix systems are derived from polynomial spline interpolation and by Hermitian (Taylor series) finite-differenceExpand
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Parabolized reduced Navier-Stokes computational techniques
A review is presented of methods in which composite or reduced Navier-Stokes (RNS) equations are treated with a pressure-gradient-based flux-vector splitting. The methods are similar to large ReExpand
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Numerical METHODS FOR Two- and Three-Dimensional Viscous Flow Problems: Applications to Hypersonic Leading Edge Equations,
Abstract : Several explicit and implicit finite-difference methods, useful for treating two- and three-dimensional viscous flow problems, are compared. These techniques are applied to theExpand
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Asymptotic features of viscous flow along a corner
The asymptotic behavior of the equations governing the viscous flow along a right-angle corner is considered. It is demonstrated that consistent asymptotic series exist for the inner corner layerExpand
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Non-Navier Stokes viscous flow computations☆
Abstract the present paper addresses the basis and advantages of non-Navier Stokes flow computations as compared to solution of the full equations. Several “parabolic” or “thin layer” approximationsExpand
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