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Physical Review Letters 77
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“Finite-Element” Displacement Fields Analysis from Digital Images: Application to Portevin–Le Châtelier Bands
A new methodology is proposed to estimate displacement fields from pairs of images (reference and strained) that evaluates continuous displacement fields. This approach is specialized to aExpand
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Comparison of Local and Global Approaches to Digital Image Correlation
Local and global approaches to digital image correlation are compared when the displacement interpolation is based upon bilinear shape functions (i.e., with four-node quadrilaterals). The resolutionExpand
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Studies of mean and unsteady flow in a swirled combustor using experiments, acoustic analysis, and large eddy simulations
The turbulent flow within a complex swirled combustor is studied with compressible large eddy simulation (LES), acoustic analysis, and experiments for both cold and reacting flows. Detailed fields ofExpand
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Stress intensity factor measurements from digital image correlation: post-processing and integrated approaches
Digital image correlation is an appealing technique for studying crack propagation in brittle materials such as ceramics. A case study is discussed where the crack geometry, and the crack openingExpand
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Hybrid gadolinium oxide nanoparticles: multimodal contrast agents for in vivo imaging.
Luminescent hybrid nanoparticles with a paramagnetic Gd2O3 core were applied as contrast agents for both in vivo fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging. These hybrid particles were obtained byExpand
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Field measurements of the roughness of fault surfaces
We recorded the height of a granitic fault surface as a function of position along one-dimensional profiles. We show that the profiles exhibit an "anisotropic" scaling invariance: self-affinity. TheExpand
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Formulation and characterization of polyphenol-loaded lipid nanocapsules.
The purpose of this study was to design and characterize two flavonoid-loaded lipid nanocapsules (LNC) by applying the phase inversion process, and to enhance their apparent solubility and/or theExpand
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Three dimensional image correlation from X-Ray computed tomography of solid foam
A new methodology is proposed to estimate 3D displacement fields from pairs of images obtained from X-ray computed microtomography (XCMT). Contrary to local approaches, a global approach is followedExpand
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Multiscale displacement field measurements of compressed mineral-wool samples by digital image correlation.
We propose a multiscale approach to determine the displacement field by digital image correlation. The displacement field is first estimated on a coarse resolution image and progressively finerExpand
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