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Polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation
Polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation (PELOX) is proposed as an effective isolation technique that satisfied advanced device requirements without any difficult-to-control structures or processes.Expand
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Purity Evaluation of Bulk Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Materials
We report on our experience using a preliminary protocol for quality control of bulk single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) materials produced by the electric arc-discharge and laser ablation method. TheExpand
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Recessed polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation
Local oxidation of silicon (LOCOS) is the most commonly used isolation technology in silicon integrated circuits. The inherently large field oxide encroachment associated with LOCOS severely limitsExpand
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Large-area and three-dimensional deposition of diamond-like carbon films for industrial applications
Abstract Diamond-like carbon (DLC) layers have excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness, high modulus of elasticity and low friction coefficient. They show an anti-adhesive effect inExpand
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Injection moulded Si3N4 structural components
The injection moulding process as a near-net-shaping of Si 3 N 4 components has been developed to such a level that allows for the manufacture of even complexly formed components with volumes ofExpand
Patterned thick photoresist layers for protection of protruding structures during wet and dry etching processes
Thick photoresist (about 40 m) was patterned and used as a protective layer for protruding structures (sharp, high aspect ratio atomic force microscope tips) in wet (buffered hydrofluoric acid) andExpand
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