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Young singles' contemporary dating scripts
Single women's and men's scripts for a hypothetical and actual first date were investigated for a sample of 135 predominately white undergraduates. Strong scripts were found for both. HypotheticalExpand
An Empirical Analysis of Stressors for Gay Men and Lesbians
The empirical classification of stressors for gay men and lesbians was described and the factor structure remained stable when gay men were compared to lesbians, when those endorsing a predominantly gay versus exclusively gay orientation were compared, and when those in a relationship wereCompared to those who were not in a relationships. Expand
Same- and cross-sex friendships and the psychology of homosociality
The present study investigated the homosocial preferences and the functions, formation, and maintenance characteristics of same- and cross-sex friendships for a sample of 90 young adults, ages 20 toExpand
Has Dating Become More Egalitarian? A 35 Year Review Using Sex Roles
In this selective review, we examined research on heterosexual dating published in Sex Roles since its inception to determine if dating practices have become more egalitarian over the past 35 years.Expand
Young single women's and men's cognitive scripts for the event “a first date” were examined to determine their content and to test for hypothesized differences in behavioral expectations.Expand
How Friendships End: Patterns among Young Adults
College women's and men's retrospective accounts of recently terminated or deteriorated close same-sex friendships and changes in their friendship networks over the past five years were examined.Expand
Heterosexism and the Study of Women's Romantic and Friend Relationships
The study of women's relationships has been guided by cultural scripts that are deeply heterosexist. In this article, the impact of cultural scripts on the research agenda is explored concerning twoExpand
Sexual Minority Stress, Depressive Symptoms, and Sexual Orientation Conflict: Focus on the Experiences of Bisexuals
The current study answers a need to provide information about bisexual as differentiated from gay/lesbian individuals and to increase understanding of the sexual minority stress experienced byExpand
The Impact of Group Membership on Lesbians' Physical Appearance
Most participants indicated making distinct but modest changes in their physical appearance after coming out as lesbians, and these changes were in the direction of their pre-coming out conceptions of lesbians as being butch or androgynous in appearance. Expand
Dating Aggression Among Low Income African American Youth
Prevalence of aggression inflicted and sustained in dating relationships was investigated for 171 low income African American youth. More women were victims of choking, attempted forced intercourse,Expand