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Use of Forest Residues for Building Forest Biomass Supply Chains: Technical and Economic Analysis of the Production Process
In the field of biomass and bio-energy production, an analysis was performed of the whole production process from biomass supply to bio-energy production. The available biomass, harvesting andExpand
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Escaping the resource curse in regional development: a case study on the allocation of oil royalties
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the socio-economic impact of the allocation of royalties from oil extraction on regional development through a case study on the Basilicata region (Italy). WeExpand
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The green economy for sustainable development: a spatial multi-criteria analysis - ordered weighted averaging approach in the siting process for short rotation forestry in the Basilicata Region, Italy
Optimising bioenergy chains and the creation of a bio-energy district can make a positive contribution to territorial development, land use planning and employment, while reducing environmentalExpand
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A comparative multidimensional evaluation of conservation agriculture systems: A case study from a Mediterranean area of Southern Italy
To avoid the current paradoxes of the global agro-food system it is necessary to define and implement a viable agricultural sustainable model, combining satisfaction of food needs and landExpand
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Conservation agriculture to promote inland biofuel production in Italy: An economic assessment of rapeseed straight vegetable oil as a self-supply agricultural biofuel
Abstract In order to reach the national target in the use of renewable energy in the transport sector, about 55% of the biodiesel consumed in Italy is imported. However, imported biofuel is currentlyExpand
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An environmental and economic analysis of the wood-pellet chain: two case studies in Southern Italy
PurposeWood pellet heating systems are considered as an essential component of European plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The goal of this analysis was to estimate and compare theExpand
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SAM multipliers and subsystems: structural analysis of the Basilicata’s agri-food sector
Local agri-food products are conceived as a form of cultural capital, representing potentially fruitful resources for rural development. Italy and its regions offer a rich and diverse agriculturalExpand
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Wildlife Agriculture Interactions, Spatial Analysis and Trade-Off Between Environmental Sustainability and Risk of Economic Damage
Over the last few years, wildlife damages to the agricultural sector have shown an increasing trend at the global scale. Fragile rural areas are more likely to suffer because marginal lands, whichExpand
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A spatial analysis model to assess the feasibility of short rotation forestry fertigated with urban wastewater: Basilicata region case study
The large-scale cultivation of energy crops irrigated with non-conventional water resources could reduce the negative impacts of fossil fuel use, while still saving potable supplies and decreasingExpand
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A Geostatistical Multicriteria Approach to Rural Area Classification: From the European Perspective to the Local Implementation
The rurality index has been explored using Spatial Statistical Techniques, Multicriteria Decision Support System and Cluster Analysis to obtain areas with homogenous characteristics. Expand
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