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Establishing physiological blood parameters in the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta)
The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), one of the three sea turtle species inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea, is an endangered species. However, although frequently treated in marine animalExpand
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Microtubule- and actin filament-dependent motors are distributed on pollen tube mitochondria and contribute differently to their movement.
The pollen tube exhibits cytoplasmic streaming of organelles, which is dependent on the actin-myosin system. Although microtubule-based motors have also been identified in the pollen tube, manyExpand
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Robustness of the Black-Scholes approach in the case of options on several assets
Abstract. In this paper we analyse a stochastic volatility model that is an extension of the traditional Black-Scholes one. We price European options on several assets by using a superstrategyExpand
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A copula-based model of speculative price dynamics in discrete time
This paper suggests a new technique to construct first order Markov processes using products of copula functions, in the spirit of Darsow et al. (1992) [10]. The approach requires the definition ofExpand
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A Copula‐Based Quantile Risk Measure Approach to Estimate the Optimal Hedge Ratio
We propose an innovative theoretical model to determine the optimal hedge ratio (OHR) with futures contracts as the minimizer of a quantile risk measure. This class of measures is very large andExpand
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Relationship between gene expression and hybrid vigor in primary root tips of young maize (Zea mays L.) plantlets
SummaryTo provide an insight into the molecular basis of heterosis, we investigated gene expression in primary root tips of a heterotic maize hybrid (B73 × Mo17) and its parental lines (B73 andExpand
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In Vitro Assays Demonstrate That Pollen Tube Organelles Use Kinesin-Related Motor Proteins to Move along Microtubules Online version contains Web-only data. Article, publication date, and citation
The movement of pollen tube organelles relies on cytoskeletal elements. Although the movement of organelles along actin filaments in the pollen tube has been studied widely and is becomingExpand
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Identification and Characterization of a Novel Microtubule-Based Motor Associated with Membranous Organelles in Tobacco Pollen Tubes
Pollen tube growth depends on the differential distribution of organelles and vesicles along the tube. The role of microtubules in organelle movement is uncertain, mainly because information at theExpand
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Pollen cytoskeleton during germination and tube growth
Sexual reproduction in higher plants requires the development of a special cell protrusion, the so-called pollen tube, which is generated by the male gametophyte. Like other plant cells, the pollenExpand
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Kinesin‐like proteins and transport of pollen tube organelles
The transport of organelles in eukaryotic cells is based on the dynamic interactions between motor proteins and the fibrillar cytoskeleton. Motor proteins anchor to the organelle surface throughExpand
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