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A left quantum group
Abstract Bialgebras with a left antipode but no right antipode were constructed in the early 1980s in [J.A. Green et al., Left Hopf algebras, J. Algebra 65 (1980) 399–411; W.D. Nichols, E.J. Taft,Expand
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Second-order metropolitan urban phase transitions
Abstract The morphology evolution of Metropolitan Urban Areas constituted by different Central Business Districts is studied in this paper. For this matter, we propose a stochastic model whichExpand
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Multivectorial representation of Lie groups
In vector spaces of dimensionn=p+q a multivector (Clifford) algebraC(p, q) can be constructed. In this paper a multivectorC(p, q) representation, riot restricted to the bivector subalgebraC2(p, q),Expand
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Actions of GLq (2,C) on C(1,3) and its four dimensional representations
A complete classification is given of all inner actions on the Clifford algebra C(l,3) defined by representations of the quantum group GLq (2,C)qm ≠1, which are not reduced to representations of twoExpand
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Evaluation of the enhanced oral effect of omapatrilat-monolein nanoparticles prepared by the emulsification-diffusion method.
In the present study, the emulsification-diffusion method was optimized in order to obtain omapatrilat/monolein-nanoparticles (omapatrilat/MO-nanoparticles). The antihypertensive effect ofExpand
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Implementation of the boundary element method for detecting defects by transient thermography on an aluminum plate
This paper deals with the application of a numerical method to a non-destructive testing, describing the thermal behavior of surface flaws. This article was focused only to the two-dimensional caseExpand
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Some Quantum-like Hopf Algebras which Remain Noncommutative when q = 1
Starting with only three of the six relations defining the standard (Manin) GLq(2), we try to construct a quantum group. The antipode condition requires some new relations, but the process stops at aExpand
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Longitudinal polarizability and the electronic topological transitions in a quasi-one-dimensional electron gas
The longitudinal polarization function of a quasi-one-dimensional electron gas (Q1DEG) confined in a semiconductor quantum well wire (QWW) is given in the random-phase approximation (RPA) for theExpand
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Colored diffusion-limited aggregation for urban migration
In this paper we study the growth probability and cluster morphologies which emerge in an off-lattice, two-dimensional, colored diffusion-limited aggregation model for urban dynamics, particularlyExpand
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Kinetics of Phase Transitions Induced by Shock-Wave Loading in Ice
Experimental investigation of shock-wave loading of ice (Larson, D. B. J. Glaciol. 1984, 30, 235) indicates a series of phase transitions in ice and gives evidence of the important role the kineticsExpand
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