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The promotive effect of smoke derived from burnt native vegetation on seed germination of Western Australian plants
Exposure of dormant seed to cold smoke derived from burnt native vegetation had a positive influence on germination in one or more seed provenances in 45 out of 94 species of native WesternExpand
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Seed Ageing and Smoke: Partner Cuesin the Amelioration of Seed Dormancyin Selected Australian Native Species
Seed germination of many Australian native plant species has consistently proven to be fractious. With the discovery of smoke-mediated germination, it is now possible to better understand theExpand
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Smoke Enhanced Seed Germination for Mine Rehabilitation in the Southwest of Western Australia
Cool smoke treatments were applied to unmined Eucalyptus marginata (jarrah) forest soils, rehabilitated bauxite mine soils, and broadcast seed to determine if enhancement in germination could beExpand
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For everything a season: smoke-induced seed germination and seedling recruitment in a Western Australian Banksia woodland
The influence of factors associated with fire on seed germination of Australian native species is generally well documented, but examples involving the use of smoke as a fire analogue for ecologicalExpand
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Cyclosporin neurotoxicity in cardiac transplant recipients.
Cyclosporin toxicity may produce a wide range of neurological disorders. We report three patients whose neurological problems developed while taking cyclosporin following cardiac transplantation, butExpand
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Wildervanck or cervico-oculo-acoustic syndrome and MRI findings.
In 1952, Wildervanck described the first case of what he styled the cervico-oculo-acoustic (COA) syndrome. This comprises Klippel Feil's (KF) anomaly (congenitally fused cervical vertebrae),Expand
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Diphtheritic polyneuritis in an elderly woman: clinical and neurophysiological follow-up.
A 71-year-old English lady initially presented with a bulbar paralysis and, six weeks later, developed a generalised sensori-motor neuropathy. Corynebacterium diphtheriae mitis was cultured from herExpand
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Cutaneous myiasis in an elderly debilitated patient.
A 77 year old woman, with chronic immobility, developed bed sores which became infested with maggots. This progressed to cutaneous myiasis which is an uncommon complication of this particularExpand
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Palatal myoclonus influenced by neck posture.
who had a broad based gait since she was 45 with pronounced bilateral dysmetria on finger-nose test. On CT (fig) we found marked cerebellar atrophy, mainly of the follia, with fourth ventricleExpand
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