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Structure and Organization of an Amazonian Forest Bird Community
To help fill the gap in detailed knowledge of avian community structure in tropical forests, we undertook a census of a 97—ha plot of floodplain forest in Amazonian Peru. The plot was censused over aExpand
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The role of disturbance in the ecology and conservation of birds
▪ Abstract Natural ecological disturbance creates habitats that are used by diverse groups of birds. In North America, these habitats or ecosystems include grasslands or prairies, shrublands,Expand
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Confronting climate change in the Great Lakes region : impacts on our communities and ecosystems
Climate Projections In general, throughout this century, the region’s climate is expected to become considerably warmer in both summer and winter. Although average annual precipitation may not changeExpand
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Squeezed at the top: Interspecific aggression may constrain elevational ranges in tropical birds.
Tropical montane species are characterized by narrow elevational distributions. Recent perspectives on mechanisms maintaining these restricted distributions have emphasized abiotic processes, butExpand
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Birds defend trees from herbivores in a Neotropical forest canopy
Most forest birds include arthropods in their diet, sometimes specializing on arthropods that consume plant foliage. Experimental tests of whether bird predation on arthropods can reduce plantExpand
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Effects of Selective Logging on Forest Bird Populations in a Fragmented Landscape
We evaluated the effects of perforation, or the creation of small gaps, within a mature, deciduous forest in southern Illinois (U.S.A.) on abundances of breeding birds. Openings of 0.02–0.4 ha wereExpand
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Foraging Behavior of Forest Birds: The Relationships Among Search Tactics, Diet, and Habitat Structure
The different searching tactics of passerine birds foraging for arthropods among the foliage of a northern hardwoods forest result in the capture of different kinds of prey. Five major searchingExpand
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Forest bird community structure in central panama : Influence of spatial scale and biogeography
Historical and biogeographic contexts can play important, yet sometimes overlooked, roles in determining structure of local communities. In particular, few examinations of historical influences onExpand
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Birds of Peru
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Effects of prairie fragmentation on the nest success of breeding birds in the midcontinental United States
Grasslandfragmentation and habitat loss are hypothesized to be contributing to widespread grass- land bird declines in North America due to the adverse effects offragmentation on breeding birdExpand
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