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Complete spectroscopy of 90Y via the 89Y(n, γ) and 89Y(, p) reactions
Abstract The γ-ray spectrum emitted after thermal-neutron capture in 89Y was studied at the ILL high-flux reactor using a pair and Compton suppressed germanium detector. A total of 893 transitionsExpand
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The neutrino induced Doppler broadening technique and its application to the study of phonon creation in solids
Phonons in solids are studied experimentally by observing the motion of an atom which is at the origin of a lattice vibration. The atom is given an excess kinetic energy of 3 eV via the emission ofExpand
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Neutrino‐recoil induced desorption
Nuclear decay induced 37Cl ion desorption from the electron capture decay 37Ar→37Cl+ν is reported for the first time. A mixture of one part 36Ar and ∼5×10−5 parts 37Ar (36/37Ar) is physisorbed on aExpand
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Nuclear structure of 156Gd studied with (n, γ), (n, e−), (d, p), (d, t) reactions and lifetime measurements
Abstract The nucleus 156 Gd was studied with (n, γ) and (n, e − ) reactions at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble. The (d, t) and (d, p) reactions were investigated at the Munich TandemExpand
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Determination of short lifetimes with ultra high resolution (n, γ) spectroscopy
Abstract We show how ultra high resolution (n, γ ) spectroscopy can be used to determine lifetimes of nuclear excited levels through the observation of Doppler broadening of deexciting transitions.Expand
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Study of Low Energetic Atomic Collisions in Solids Using High-Resolution (n, γ) Spectroscopy
We show how ultra-high-resolution (n, γ) spectroscopy can be used to study atomic collisions at kinetic energies in the order of hundreds of eV. The recoil originating from gamma emission afterExpand
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Excited level lifetime measurements following very low energy nuclear recoils
Using high resolution gamma spectroscopy it is possible to observe Doppler broadening of gamma transitions from excited states which have themselves been populated after emission of gamma photons orExpand
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Level Density in 51V at spin 9/2–15/2 Measured with the 50V(n,γ) Reaction
Neutron capture in 50V(IT = 6+) was studied at the ILL high flux reactor and nearly 60 states in the spin range [9/2,15/2] were identified leading to a ‘‘complete’’ level scheme up to 5.5 MeV. FermiExpand
Features of the level schemes of 164−166Dy
The (nth,γ) reaction has been measured at the ILL on the target nuclei 163Dy and 164Dy using the Ge pair spectrometer PN4 and the bent crystal spectrometers GAMS. Conversion electrons have beenExpand