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Optical dispersion, two-photon absorption and self-phase modulation in silicon waveguides at 1.5 μm wavelength
We measure linear optical dispersion, nonlinear refraction and two-photon absorption in a silicon waveguide at 1.54 μm wavelength. The total dispersion in the silicon waveguide was found to be −9.1Expand
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Seasonal changes in tissue elasticity in chaparral shrubs
An important physiological feature of chaparral shrubs is the development of low water potentials during periods of drought characteristic of southern Californian summers. Changes in tissueExpand
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Tapered silicon waveguides for low insertion loss highly-efficient high-speed electronic variable optical attenuators
In this paper we describe our recently developed NVT mode-matching epitaxial adiabatic tapered waveguide technology, and show that it leads to a dramatic reduction of insertion loss in an integratedExpand
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Seasonal patterns of leaf water relations in four co-occurring forest tree species: Parameters from pressure-volume curves
SummaryLeaf water relationships were studied in four widespread forest tree species (Ilex opaca Ait., Cornus florida L., Acer rubrum L., and Liriodendron tulipifera L.). The individuals studied allExpand
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Seasonal variation of leaf tissue elasticity in four forest tree species
Measures of leaf tissue elasticity were determined by analyzing the turgor pressure-water content relation developed from pressure-volume experiments, in four naturally occurring forest tree species.Expand
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Seasonal and diurnal water relations adjustments in three evergreen chaparral shrubs
Pressure—volume curves were measured in three co—occurring chaparral shrubs, Arctostaphylos glandulosa, Quercus dumosa, and Ceanothus greggii, during a seasonal drought cycle. The pressure—volumeExpand
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Cloud shadow speed sensor
A compact and economical system is presented that measures cloud shadow motion vectors to estimate power plant ramp rates and provide short-term solar irradiance forecasts. Expand
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Comparative field water relations of four co-occurring forest tree species
Diurnal patterns of stomatal resistance and leaf water potentials were measured in individuals of Ilex opaca Ait., Cornus florida L., Liriodendron tulipifera L., and Acer rubrum L. growing in closeExpand
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Calculating the Nocturnal Energy Expenditure of an Incubating Anna's Hummingbird
Recently, attention has been focused on the bioenergetics of incubating female hummingbirds (Howell and Dawson 1954; Calder 1971, 1973). Hummingbirds are homeothermic with large surface area toExpand
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