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Altering existing buildings in the UK
The profiles of both existing housing and existing public and commercial buildings show that many have very poor thermal efficiency. The UK housing stock is replaced at a low rate of about 1% a year,Expand
Rules and Processes: The Cultural Logic of Dispute in an African Context
"Rules and Processes" is at once a compelling essay in social theory and a pathbreaking ethnography of dispute in an African society. On the basis of a sensitive study of the Tswana of southernExpand
Effects of climate change on the built environment
New buildings will have to be designed to cope with the effects of climate change. These include warmer weather in which keeping cool will be important, more extreme and wet weather, and increasedExpand
‘Black Economic Empowerment’, Business and the State in South Africa
‘Black Economic Empowerment’ (BEE) has been a major policy thrust of the democratic governments in South Africa since 1994 in attempting to redress the effects of apartheid. In this article, weExpand
Review of measurement and modelling of permeation and diffusion in polymers.
Diffusion and permeation in polymeric materials is of fundamental importance in many applications and is the subject of considerable scientific interest. Measurement methods for determiningExpand
Industrial policy under democracy: apartheid's grown-up infant industries? Iscor and Sasol
The apartheid state's selective intervention to shape South Africa's industrial development around the minerals energy complex included the establishment and support of state-owned enterprises inExpand
Marriage and Extra-Marital Sexuality: The Dialectics of Legal Change among the Kgatla
In paying tribute to the pioneering work of Isaac Schapera on Tswana law we return to one of his earliest and possibly least quoted studies, “Premarital Pregnancy and Native Opinion: A Note on SocialExpand
Energy, equity and the future of the fuel poor
A warm and adequately-lit home is considered a basic need, together with access to energy-consuming appliances ranging from a fridge to a TV. An underlying tenet of sustainable energy is that suchExpand
The Changing Face and Strategies of Big Business in South Africa: More than a Decade of Political Democracy
Under the apartheid regime, South African business was marked by a high degree of concentration, both in terms of ownership and activities; indeed, it could be argued that this concentration was bothExpand