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Teachers, Schools, and Academic Achievement
Considerable controversy surrounds the impact of schools and teachers on the achievement of students. This paper disentangles the separate factors influencing achievement with special attention givenExpand
Generalizations about Using Value-Added Measures of Teacher Quality
The extensive investigation of the contribution of teachers to student achievement produces two generally accepted results. First, there is sub stantial variation in teacher quality as measured byExpand
Charter School Quality and Parental Decision Making With School Choice
Charter schools have become a very popular instrument for reforming public schools, because they expand choices, facilitate local innovation, and provide incentives for the regular public schoolsExpand
Disruption Versus Tiebout Improvement: The Costs and Benefits of Switching Schools
Most students change schools at some point in their academic careers, but some change very frequently and some schools experience a great deal of turnover. Many researchers, teachers, andExpand
New Evidence about Brown v. Board of Education: The Complex Effects of School Racial Composition on Achievement
Uncovering the effect of school racial composition is difficult because racial mixing is not accidental but instead an outcome of government and family choices. Using rich panel data on theExpand
Estimating the Effect of Leaders on Public Sector Productivity: the Case of School Principals
Although much has been written about the importance of leadership in the determination of organizational success, there is little quantitative evidence due to the difficulty of separating the impactExpand
New Evidence About Brown V. Board of Education: The Complex Effects of School Racial Composition on Achievement
Uncovering the effects of school racial composition on achievement is difficult, because racial mixing in the schools is not an accident but instead represents a complex mixture of government andExpand
Aggregation and the Estimated Effects of School Resources
This paper attempts to reconcile the contradictory findings in the debate over school resources and school effectiveness by highlighting the role of aggregation in the presence of omitted variablesExpand
Inferring Program Effects for Special Populations: Does Special Education Raise Achievement for Students with Disabilities?
Most discussion of special education has centered on the costs of providing mandated programs for children with disabilities and not on their effectiveness. As in many other policy areas, inferringExpand