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Synthesis of some new antianemics I. Iron pullulan complexes of pharmaceutical interest.
First experiments were performed in order to obtain a polynuclear iron(III) complex with pullulan, which could be applied in therapy of sideropenic anemia. Complete synthesis of the complex can beExpand
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HPLC determination of tiazofurin in the rat brain.
A sensitive, selective and reproducible HPLC method for determination of tiazofurin in rat brain was developed and validated. The method allowed determination and quantification of nanomolarExpand
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Simultaneous LC determination of tiazofurin, its acetyl and benzoyl esters and their active metabolite thiazole-4-carboxamide adenine dinucleotide in biological samples.
A rapid and sensitive HPLC-RP method for simultaneous determination of tiazofurin, its 5'-O acetyl and benzoyl esters and their active metabolite thiazole-4-carboxamide adenine dinucleotide wasExpand
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Characterization of nimodipine/β‐cyclodextrin inclusion complex
One problem with many of the active substances, used today is their poor solubility in water and theirs limited bioavailability. Cyclodextrins have received considerable attention in theExpand
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Biomarkers of oxidative damage and antioxidant enzyme activities in pre-dialysis Balkan endemic nephropathy patients
AimTo obtain more insight into molecular mechanisms underlying oxidative stress in Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN), biomarkers of oxidative stress and antioxidant enzyme activities were studied inExpand
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Bacterial endocarditis in patients with alcaptonuric ochronosis
Alkaptonuria is one of 4 disorders originally defined as an inborn error of metabolism. The hallmark of the disease is passage of urine that becomes black when left standing. There is a familialExpand
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Evaluation of Apple Pomace Flour Obtained Industrially by Dehydration as a Source of Biomolecules with Antioxidant, Antidiabetic and Antiobesity Effects
Apple pomace flour (APF) obtained at industrial scale level by the application of innovative technological process (dehydration (5 h, T ≤ 55 °C), grinding (300 µm)) was evaluated as a source ofExpand
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One artefact of the archaeological cultural heritage from Roman period (IV century) that was found near Sabac in Serbia, was analysed. In corrosion products of the artefact (knife), dominant phasesExpand
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A New Look at an Old Drug: Cumulative Effects of Low Ribavirin Doses in Amphetamine-Sensitized Rats.
BACKGROUND Psychotic states related to psychostimulant misuse in patients with hepatitis C virus infection may complicate acceptance and reaction to antiviral treatment. This observation equallyExpand
Experimental investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of the laser guided bomb model
Aerodynamic test results and boundary layer flow visualization on the wings and fins of laser guided bomb model are presented in this article. Test was performed in the T-38 wind tunnel. Influence ofExpand