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Evolutionary biology of starvation resistance: what we have learned from Drosophila
Most animals face periods of food shortage and are thus expected to evolve adaptations enhancing starvation resistance (SR). Most of our knowledge of the genetic and physiological bases of thoseExpand
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Use of fluorescence polarization to monitor MHC-peptide interactions in solution.
We describe here fluorescence polarization-based methods to investigate class I MHC-peptide interactions in solution. Fluorescein-labelled peptides were used to determine MHC/peptide complexExpand
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Destabilization of Ca2+-free gelsolin may not be responsible for proteolysis in Familial Amyloidosis of Finnish Type
Mutations at position 187 in secreted gelsolin enable aberrant proteolysis at the 172–173 and 243–244 amide bonds, affording the 71-residue amyloidogenic peptide deposited in Familial Amyloidosis ofExpand
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Global conservation status assessment of the threatened aquatic plant genus Baldellia (Alismataceae): challenges and limitations
In this study, the aquatic monocot Baldellia (Alismataceae) is used as a model for evaluating the general hindrances and shortfalls in the global conservation status assessment of a threatened taxon.Expand
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