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Marxism and History: A Critical Introduction
Introduction Marx's ambiguous legacy Forces and relations of production Marx's productive force determinism Productive force determinism as Marxist orthodoxy. The origins of productive force
Urban Population in Late Medieval England: The Evidence of the Lay Subsidies
Was there a growth in the proportion of the population living in England's towns in the later middle ages? Uncertainty about national population trends and about the taxation multipliers needed to
Wisdom and chivalry : Chaucer's Knight's tale and medieval political theory
Preface Abbreviations in the Text and Notes Introduction the 'Knight's Tale' in Context Part 1 Ethics: The Good Rule of the Self 1. The 'Knight's Tale' as Ethics: the Aristotelian Virtues 2. The
Historians on Chaucer: The 'General Prologue' to the Canterbury Tales
Preface Reading Chaucer: Literature, History and Ideology Chaucer the Poet, Chaucer the Pilgrim The Knight The Squire The Yeoman The Prioress and the Second Nun The Nun's Priest The Monk The Friar