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A negotiation scheme for autonomous agents in job shop scheduling
Owing to the increasing impact of some environmental factors on manufacturing firms' performance, in the past few years growing attention has been paid to the reorganization and optimization ofExpand
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This paper deals with scheduling of no-wait manufacturing processes. The main features of these systems are analysed and an industrial application is described in detail. No standard solutionExpand
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Improving environmental performances in wine production by a life cycle assessment analysis
In the last years, the wine production industry had gradually focused its attention in the improvement of the product quality rather than quantity. This tendency generated an increase in the wine'sExpand
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Clustering algorithms to optimize the tool handling system management in an FMS
Tool management is recognized as a critical issue in flexible manufacturing facilities management. This article addresses the issue of tool management in a flexible system installed in an avionicsExpand
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Merchandise and Replenishment Planning Optimisation for Fashion Retail
The integration among different companies functions, collaborative planning and the elaboration of focused distribution plans are critical to the success of each kind of company working in theExpand
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Modelling Hospital Materials Management Processes
Materials management is an important issue for healthcare systems because it influences clinical and financial outcomes. Before selecting, adapting and implementing leading or optimized practices, aExpand
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Incorporating the Human Factor within Manufacturing Dynamics
Abstract This paper frames a model which summarizes the principal factors and relationships to incorporate human element, as per fatigue engagement, in the strategic and tactical decision making. AExpand
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A Simulator for Human Error Probability Analysis (SHERPA)
Abstract A new Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) method is presented in this paper. The Simulator for Human Error Probability Analysis (SHERPA) model provides a theoretical framework that exploits theExpand
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An Overview of Human Reliability Analysis Techniques in Manufacturing Operations
In recent years, there has been a decrease in accidents due to technical failures through technological developments of redundancy and protection, which have made systems more reliable. However, itExpand
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Design and implementation of a tabu search algorithm to solve the no-wait job-shop scheduling problem
Discrete manufacturing processes often require the implementation of no-wait systems, where jobs under process must not incur in any time delay between the different manufacturing stages. Their useExpand
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