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Pharmaceutical applications of solid dispersion systems.
Preparation and dissolution characteristics of several fast-release solid dispersions of griseofulvin.
The resultant glass solution is believed to represent a new class of physical modification of drugs exhibiting strikingly fast dissolution rate of griseofulvin. Expand
The application of statistical moment theory to the evaluation ofin vivo dissolution time and absorption time
The appropriate use of a logarithmic trapezoidal equation for calculating the area under the moments curve (AUMC) is shown to increase the accuracy of estimating MDT. Expand
Statistical estimations in pharmacokinetics
Several important statistical aspects of pharmacokinetic analyses by digital computer are discussed. These include selection of appropriate equations, weighting of data, precision of parameterExpand
Absorption kinetics of aspirin in man following oral administration of an aqueous solution.
A two-compartment model for both aspirin and its metabolite, salicylic acid, involving a constant fractional hydrolysis of aspirin during absorption, satisfactorily described both the aspirin and resultant salicyric acid plasma data. Expand
New method for calculating the intrinsic absorption rate of drugs.
It is shown that methods based on the single-compartment concept do not result in acceptable estimates of the absorption rates, and a new equation is presented, presuming the drug distributes between a central and one peripheral compartment, which results in an accurate estimate of the known rates of infusion (absorption) for the drugs studied to date. Expand
Nonlinear theophylline elimination
The initial renal clearance, elevated due to diuresis, and the distribution phase tended to counterbalance the saturable metabolic formation clearance after a single therapeutic dose, which showed the renal clearance of the drug to be highly dependent on urine flow. Expand
Disposition of caffeine and its metabolites in man.
A large urine recovery of 1-methylxanthine after caffeine administration in comparison with the amount recovered after administration of theophylline suggests an inhibitory effect on the degradation of this metabolite by either caffeine itself or another metabolite of caffeine. Expand
Determination of acetylsalicylic acid and salicylic acid in plasma.
A specific and sensitive method has been developed for the determination of acetyl-salicylic Acid and salicylic acid in plasma using dibutyl maleate as the internal standard. Expand
Theophylline disposition in acutely ill hospitalized patients. The effect of smoking, heart failure, severe airway obstruction, and pneumonia.
Recommendations are made concerning theophylline dosage computation, and the clinical circumstances calling for determination of plasma theophyLLine concentrations, based on the results of this study. Expand