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The Roosevelt Corollary
enunciated not a corollary to the Monroe Doctrine but an entirely new principle which epito mized his "big stick" view of foreign relations: the United States was to act as sole policeman of the
Memoir of a Republican Royalist: Gouverneur Morris, Chronicler and Actor of the French Revolution
Abstract:The Paris sojourn of the author of A Diary of the French Revolution is possibly the most fascinating period of his eventful life. As George Washington's informant and emissary (official and
An Atlantic triangle in the 1900s: Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘special relationships’ with France and Britain
This article aims at highlighting two ‘special’ transatlantic relationships whose cultivation resulted from Theodore Roosevelt’s personal diplomacy. One of them was between America and Britain - the
The Trump Phenomenon and the Racialization of American Politics
  • S. Ricard
  • Political Science
    Revue LISA / LISA e-journal
  • 10 September 2018
If very few observers across the Atlantic predicted that a reality-TV star would succeed the United States’ first African American President, there is today among commentators of the political scene
A Hero’s Welcome: Theodore Roosevelt’s Triumphal Tour of Europe in 1910
One most extraordinary thing about the ex-president’s European tour was his and the United States’ popularity and prestige. Another was that everywhere he went, he was perfectly attuned to his
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