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Career Planning in Spain: Do Fixed-term Contracts Delay Marriage and Parenthood?
The aim of this paper is to find an empirical connection between the striking increase in the use of fixed-term contracts in Spain and the observed delay in the age at marriage and maternity. UsingExpand
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The immigration surplus and the substitutability of immigrant and native labor: evidence from Spain
How immigration affects the labor market of the host country is a topic of major concern for many immigrant-receiving nations. Spain is no exception, as a consequence of the rapid increase inExpand
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Complements or Substitutes? Immigrant and Native Task Specialization in Spain
Learning about the impact that immigration has on the labor market of the receiving nation is a topic of major concern, particularly in Spain, where immigration has more than doubled from 4 percentExpand
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Gender Gaps in Performance Pay: New Evidence from Spain
In this paper we use micro data from a large wage survey in Spain during 2006 to analyze the magnitude of the gender gap in the performance-pay (PP) component of hourly wages. Under the presumptionExpand
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Assessing the Impact of a Minimum Income Scheme: A Regional Case Study
In this paper we evaluate the impact of a Minimum Income Scheme (MIS) in the Basque Country, one of Spain’s autonomous regions. In particular, we assess whether the policy delays entry intoExpand
Gender Gaps in PISA Test Scores: The Impact of Social Norms and the Mother’s Transmission of Role Attitudes
The existence of gender gaps in test scores has been documented in the relevant literature for a wide range of countries. In particular, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)Expand
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This paper compares the economic and cultural gaps of the largest foreign-born ethnic minorities in Spain: Latinos, Eastern Europeans and Moroccans. We focus on several outcomes: the gender educationExpand
Immigration in Spain: what have we learned from recent evidence?*
This paper summarizes the recent economics literature on the immigration wave experienced by Spain over the last decade. We survey this growing literature and focus on two key questions: what hasExpand
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The Role of Segregation and Pay Structure on the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data for Spain
This paper presents new evidence on the role of gender segregation and pay structure in explaining gender wage differentials of full-time salaried workers in Spain. Data from the 1995 and 2002 WageExpand
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Gender gaps in skills and labor market outcomes: evidence from the PIAAC
Our paper makes the first attempt to address the empirical relationRicship between cognitive skills and gender gaps in labor market performance. We do so in a cross-country setting. To that end weExpand