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Animal-based folk remedies sold in public markets in Crato and Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil
BackgroundHuman communities consistently develop a detailed knowledge of the therapeutical and medicinal properties of the local flora and fauna, and these folk remedies often substitute medicinesExpand
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Zootherapeutics utilized by residents of the community Poço Dantas, Crato-CE, Brazil
BackgroundAnimals have been used as a source of medicine in Brazil since ancient times, and have played a significant role in healing practices. Specifically in Northeast Brazil, zootherapy is a veryExpand
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Spatial-temporal variation of parasites in Cnemidophorus ocellifer (Teiidae) and Tropidurus hispidus and Tropidurus semitaeniatus (Tropiduridae) from Caatinga areas in northeastern Brazil
Parasites are natural regulators of their host populations. Despite this, little is known about variations in parasite composition (spatially or temporally) in environments subjected to water-relatedExpand
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Nematodes of Lizards (Reptilia: Squamata) from Caatinga Biome, Northeastern Brazil
Abstract Thirty-one specimens from 7 lizard species (Cnemidophorus ocellifer, Hemidactylus brasilianus, Hemidactylus mabouia, Iguana iguana, Tropidurus hispidus, Tropidurus semitaeniatus, andExpand
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Pterygosomatidae and Trombiculidae mites infesting Tropidurus hispidus (Spix, 1825) (Tropiduridae) lizards in northeastern Brazil.
Parasitism of the lizard Tropidurus hispidus by Geckobiella sp. and by larvae of Eutrombicula alfreddugesi was examined in a mountainous area in Chapada do Araripe (07° 16' S and 39° 26' W), southernExpand
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Amphibians of the state of Piauí, Northeastern Brazil: a preliminary assessment
The state of Piaui is located between the Caatinga and Cerrado biomes in Northeastern Brazil, having a rich heterogeneity of habitats. However, publications regarding the amphibians of this state areExpand
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Experimental Study of Instabilities and Secondary Effects of a Ground Vortex Flow
Laser-Doppler measurements of velocity characteristics of the flowfield resulting from the collision of a wall jet with a boundary layer are presented and discussed together with visualization of theExpand
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Experimental Study of a Ground Vortex
Laser-Doppler measurements of the mean and turbulent components of the velocity flowfield resulting from the frontal collision of a wall jet with a boundary layer are presented and discussed,Expand
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Gastrointestinal nematodes of the lizard Tropidurus hispidus (Squamata: Tropiduridae) from a semi-arid region of north-eastern Brazil.
The tropidurid lizard Tropidurus hispidus has a wide distribution in South America. However, knowledge about its helminth fauna is patchy and has been reported for only a few localities along itsExpand
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Parasitic nematodes of Polychrus acutirostris (Polychrotidae) in the Caatinga biome, Northeastern Brazil.
We present data on nematode infracommunity of the arboreal lizard Polycrhus acutirostris in the semiarid Caatinga biome, northeastern Brazil. Twenty- twolizard specimens collected in the municipalityExpand
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