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MICROSCOPE Mission: First Results of a Space Test of the Equivalence Principle.
According to the weak equivalence principle, all bodies should fall at the same rate in a gravitational field. The MICROSCOPE satellite, launched in April 2016, aims to test its validity at theExpand
We build up a new phenomenological framework associated with a minimal generalization of Einsteinian gravitation theory. When linearity, stationarity and isotropy are assumed, tests in the solarExpand
Quantum fluctuations in a two-mode parametric oscillator
We describe how a two-mode, above-threshold, optical parametric oscillator can generate nonclassical states of light with a large average number of photons: the fluctuation spectrum of the variousExpand
Quantum Limits in Interferometric Measurements
Quantum noise limits the sensitivity of interferometric measurements. It is generally admitted that it leads to an ultimate sensitivity, the "standard quantum limit". Using a semi-classical analysisExpand
Exploring gravity with the MIGA large scale atom interferometer
We present the MIGA experiment, an underground long baseline atom interferometer to study gravity at large scale. The hybrid atom-laser antenna will use several atom interferometers simultaneouslyExpand
Post-Einsteinian tests of gravitation
Einstein gravitation theory can be extended by preserving its geometrical nature but changing the relation between curvature and energy–momentum tensors. This change accounts for radiativeExpand
Post-Einsteinian tests of linearized gravitation
The general relativistic treatment of gravitation can be extended by preserving the geometrical nature of the theory but modifying the form of the coupling between curvature and stress tensors. TheExpand
Casimir effect with rough metallic mirrors
We calculate the second-order roughness correction to the Casimir energy for two parallel metallic mirrors. Our results may also be applied to the plane-sphere geometry used in most experiments. TheExpand
Radar ranging and Doppler tracking in post-Einsteinian metric theories of gravity
The study of post-Einsteinian metric extensions of general relativity (GR), which preserve the metric interpretation of gravity while considering metrics which may differ from that predicted by GR,Expand