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MICROSCOPE Mission: First Results of a Space Test of the Equivalence Principle.
The MICROSCOPE satellite aims to test its validity at the 10^{-15} precision level, by measuring the force required to maintain two test masses exactly in the same orbit, by characterizing the relative difference in their free-fall accelerations.
Exploring gravity with the MIGA large scale atom interferometer
The measurement principle of an in-cavity atom interferometer is presented, the method for Gravitational Wave signal extraction from the antenna is derived, the expected strain sensitivity is determined and the functioning of the different systems of the antenna are detailed.
Quantum fluctuations in a two-mode parametric oscillator
We describe how a two-mode, above-threshold, optical parametric oscillator can generate nonclassical states of light with a large average number of photons: the fluctuation spectrum of the various
Post-Einsteinian tests of gravitation
Einstein gravitation theory can be extended by preserving its geometrical nature but changing the relation between curvature and energy–momentum tensors. This change accounts for radiative
Post-Einsteinian tests of linearized gravitation
The general relativistic treatment of gravitation can be extended by preserving the geometrical nature of the theory but modifying the form of the coupling between curvature and stress tensors. The
We build up a new phenomenological framework associated with a minimal generalization of Einsteinian gravitation theory. When linearity, stationarity and isotropy are assumed, tests in the solar
Pioneer Doppler data analysis: study of periodic anomalies
This paper reports the results of an analysis of the Doppler tracking data of Pioneer probes which did show an anomalous behaviour. A software has been developed for the sake of performing a data
Quantum Limits in Interferometric Measurements
Quantum noise limits the sensitivity of interferometric measurements. It is generally admitted that it leads to an ultimate sensitivity, the "standard quantum limit". Using a semi-classical analysis
Advancing fundamental physics with the Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity
The Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity (LATOR) is an experiment designed to test the metric nature of gravitation—a fundamental postulate of the Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The key