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Fishery, biology and stock assessment of carangid resources from the Indian seas
Carangus and leptolepis along Tamil Nadu coast are being exploited expending much more effort than required to realize maximum sustainable yield (MSY), but D. russelli along east and southwest coasts and A. djedaba along the Kerala coast can beexploited with increased effort of trawl net to enhance their production to MSY level.
Assessment of mackerel stock along the Indian coast
Study on the stock of mackerel. Ra.ftrtlligtr kmlagurta. along the west cout durin, 1984-88 revealed that its annual averaae yield was short of only 891 tannes to the estimared MSY of SO 732 tonnes.
Resource characteristics and stock assessment of whitebaits
The fishery of whitebait for 1979-88 was studied. The southern maritime states accounted for 97% of the country's whitebait landings. The quartelWise whitebait landings, gearwise catch and catch per
Stock assessment of tunas from the Indian seas
Tunas constitute one of the important marine fisheries resources of India contributing 1.5 to 2.0% of the total marine fish landings and is estimated to be 200 000 tonnes in the Indian EEZ.
Exploratory trawling on the continental shelf along thenorth-western part of the Bay of Bengal
The results of exploratory trawl'ng undertaken from 1961 to 1965 on the continental shelf along the north-western part of the Bay of Bengal, between latitudes 16''40'N and 2rOO'N are presented. The