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Arsenate‐induced phytochelatins in white lupin: influence of phosphate status
A key role is suggested for PCs and GSH in As detoxification by white lupin, especially in shoots, and PC analysis may be useful as an early indicator of As exposure and as a tool to assess the degree of As stress of plants, even under P deficiency.
Towards a general model for predicting minimal metal concentrations co-selecting for antibiotic resistance plasmids
Using mathematical modelling to provide a general mechanistic framework to predict minimal co-selective concentrations for metals, given knowledge of their toxicity at different concentrations could be used as the basis for defining standards to mitigate risks of antimicrobial resistance applicable to a wide range of environments, including manure, slurry and other waste streams.
Mecanismos de resistencia al cadmio y al arsénico en planta de altramuz aplicación en fitorrecuperación de suelos
La planta de altramuz presento una elevada resistencia al Cd y al As debido a una serie de efectos tales como: - Baja reduccion de la biomasa - Ausencia de sintomas visuales - Mantenimiento de la