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Multifunctional TH1 cells define a correlate of vaccine-mediated protection against Leishmania major
CD4+ T cells have a crucial role in mediating protection against a variety of pathogens through production of specific cytokines. However, substantial heterogeneity in CD4+ T-cell cytokine responsesExpand
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New horizons in adjuvants for vaccine development.
Over the last decade, there has been a flurry of research on adjuvants for vaccines, and several novel adjuvants are now in licensed products or in late stage clinical development. The success ofExpand
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Key roles of adjuvants in modern vaccines
Vaccines containing novel adjuvant formulations are increasingly reaching advanced development and licensing stages, providing new tools to fill previously unmet clinical needs. However, manyExpand
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Interleukin 10 production correlates with pathology in human Leishmania donovani infections.
We have found that an important Th2 cytokine, IL-10, is produced by tissues from patients acutely infected with Leishmania donovani. In all individuals tested, IL-10 mRNA production was increased inExpand
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Molecular characterization of a kinesin-related antigen of Leishmania chagasi that detects specific antibody in African and American visceral leishmaniasis.
We report the cloning of a Leishmania chagasi antigen gene and an evaluation of leishmaniasis patient antibody responses to the recombinant protein, rK39. rK39 contains a 39-amino acid repeat that isExpand
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New perspectives on a subclinical form of visceral leishmaniasis.
During an epidemiological study of visceral leishmaniasis in an endemic region of Brazil, new perspectives emerged on a subclinical form of the disease. A group of 86 children with antibody toExpand
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Second-generation vaccines against leishmaniasis.
Several species of Leishmania cause human diseases that range from self-healing cutaneous lesions to fatal visceral leishmaniasis, mucosal leishmaniasis and diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis. DrugExpand
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Rapid accurate field diagnosis of Indian visceral leishmaniasis
BACKGROUND A firm diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) requires demonstration of the parasite in organ aspirates or tissue biopsy samples. The aim of this prospective study was to assessExpand
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Transforming growth factor-beta in leishmanial infection: a parasite escape mechanism.
The course of infection with the protozoan parasite Leishmania is determined in part by their early replication in macrophages, the exclusive host cells for these organisms. Although factorsExpand
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Interleukin 10 and interferon gamma regulation of experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection
Studies were undertaken to determine whether interleukin 10, (IL-10) a cytokine shown to inhibit interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) production, was involved in Trypanosoma cruzi infections in mice.Expand
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