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Excavation at Bantham, South Devon, and Post-Roman Trade in South-West England
Abstract Excavation at Bantham Ham in 2001 examined a sequence of post-Roman occupation with radiocarbon dates centred on the late 5th and 6th centuries. Despite the limited area of exposure, a majorExpand
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The Relationship between Religious Beliefs and the Accounting and Economic Practices of a Society: Evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls
This study explores the Dead Sea Scrolls to demonstrate how Essene socio-religious values shaped their accounting and economic practices during the late Second Temple period (ca. first century BCE toExpand
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Critique of Canaan Banana's call to rewrite the Bible
Canaan Banana is an African liberation theologian who was prominently involved in Zimbabwe's liberation struggle. He has written an article 'The Case for a New Bible' in which he argues that theExpand
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published and have been labeled as coming from particular find-sites. While many texts can be assigned to a particular find-site with great certainty, there is uncertainty about where some texts wereExpand
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Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music
Introduction 1. A Fading Vision Lost in Time 2. The Pan-Revolutionary 3. The "I"-Word Part 1: Technology and the Preconditions of Industrial Music I. Italian Futurism 1. Industry 2. The Aesthetics ofExpand
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The Musical Semiotics of Timbre in the Human VoiceandStatic Takes Love's Body
In exploring the semiotics of vocal timbre as a general phenomenon within music, theoretical engagement of the history of timbre and of muscial meaning bolsters my illustrative analyses of LaurieExpand
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The Age of 360