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Engendering the political economy of agrarian change
Over the past thirty odd years, the analysis of agrarian social relations, institutions, and movements has benefited from the insights offered by feminist scholars whose intellectual project has beenExpand
Progress of the world’s women 2015–2016: Transforming economies, realizing rights
This Report focuses on the economic and social dimensions of gender equality including the right of all women to a good job with fair pay and safe working conditions to an adequate pension in olderExpand
Agrarian change, gender and land rights
1. Editorial Introduction: Terence J. Byres and Henry Bernstein (both at University of London). 2. Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights: Shahra Razavi (United Nations Research Institute for SocialExpand
Gendered Poverty and Well‐being: Introduction
This article presents the relationship between gender disadvantage and poverty in connection with its effects on well-being. The tendency to equate female hardship with poverty has been queried onExpand
Liberalisation and the debates on women's access to land
Abstract The reform of land tenure institutions is now back on the national and global policy agendas. While at a certain level of generality, the principle of gender equality in access to resources,Expand
Gendered Impacts of Globalization: Employment and Social Protection
How has globalisation affected the female labour force? Globalisation often refers to the deepening of international economic relations. It is a historic phenomenon but recent interpretations haveExpand
Fitting gender into development institutions
Abstract This paper analyzes some of the more prominent strands of gender and development (GAD) discourse that have justified the need for policy attention to women on efficiency and poverty grounds.Expand