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A comparative study of the chromosomes of birds
Karyotype analysis and morphometric measurement of the chromosomes of eleven species of Indian birds are described. The unequivocal identification of W chromosome in the females of five species ofExpand
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Review of soil research in India
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Chromosomes and the karyotype of the Pangolin,Manis pentadactyla L. (Pholidota-Mammalia)
In Knochenmarkzellen wurden die Chromosomen eines männlichen Pangolins (Manis pentadactyla L.) untersucht. Die Zahl der diploiden Chromosomen beträgt 36. Dieser zytologische Befund unterstützt dieExpand
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Cysteamine protection of grasshopper chromosomes from x-ray-induced aberrations under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
SummaryThe effect of cysteamine pre-treatment on the frequency of x-ray-induced chromosome aberrations was determined under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions by counting the dicentric bridges inExpand
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