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Immobility reactions (fear) of domestic fowl as a function of age and prior experience
Abstract Two experiments were performed to investigate the effects of age and prior testing on immobility reactions of chickens from two through 66 days of age. In each experiment, one group wasExpand
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Chemistry of Learning
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Development of freezing and immobility, predator defenses, in the Bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus).
In two experiments freezing and immobility responses were investigated with Bobwhite quail ( Colinus virginianus ). Posttest responses were also recorded. Groups of birds were tested at 4–5, 9–10,Expand
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Distal cues and latent extinction
SummaryThe hypothesis was tested that the failure of Bugelski et al (1952) to obtain latent extinction effects in a “replication” of Seward and Levy’s (1949) latent extinction study was due to theExpand
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Toward a Description of Language Behavior: II. The Listening Action
Four listening functions (ways of listening) are identified and their characteristics examined. These functions are identified as: Statement-Recording, Statement-Directing, Statement-Modification,Expand
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Variables affecting responses of earthworms to light.
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Effect of learning to be submissive on status in the peck order of domestic fowl
Abstract The present study was designed to investigate the effects on rank in the peck order of encounters between experimental birds, which were taken from intact peck orders, and a despotic birdExpand
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Classical conditioning in earthworms, Lumbricus terrestris.
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