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Novel Burkholderia bacteria isolated from Lebeckia ambigua – A perennial suffrutescent legume of the fynbos
We investigated symbiotic and physiological properties, and taxonomic position, of 23 bacterial strains isolated from Lebeckia ambigua root nodules collected from the South African fynbos region. TheExpand
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Purification and Characterization of a Cytotonic Protein Expressed In Vitro by the Live Cholera Vaccine Candidate CVD 103-HgR
ABSTRACT Cholera vaccines developed by the deletion of CTX genes fromVibrio cholerae induce a residual reactogenicity in up to 10% of vaccinees. A novel cytotonic agent named secreted CHO cellExpand
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Rapid bioassay-guided screening of toxic substances in vegetable oils that shorten the life of SHRSP rats
It has been consistently reported that vegetable oils including canola oil have a life shortening effect in Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHRSP) and this toxic effect is not due toExpand
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Burkholderia, Methylobacteria and other lesser exploited RNB as commercial inoculants in temperate agriculture on poor soils
The symbiotic cells of legume nodules house large numbers of nitrogen-fixing, differentiated rhizobia, called bacteroids. In the legume Medicago truncatula, the symbiotic cells provoke terminalExpand