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Ferric carboxymaltose: A revolution in the treatment of postpartum anemia in Indian women
Objectives: The objective of the present study is to compare the safety and efficacy of ferric carboxymaltose (FCM), intravenous (IV) iron sucrose and oral iron in the treatment of post = partumExpand
Cervical ectopic pregnancy
Cervical pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy and it represents <1% of all ectopic pregnancies. Early diagnosis and medical management with systemic or local administration of methotrexateExpand
An unusual presentation of a severely calcified subserous leiomyoma in a postmenopausal woman: a case report
We report a case of a 58-year-old postmenopausal woman presented with mass descending per vaginum with lower abdominal discomfort for last one year. Examination revealed second stage utero-vaginalExpand
Sirenomelia: The mermaid syndrome: Report of two cases
Sirenomelia (mermaid syndrome) is a rare congenital fetal anomaly with characteristic feature of complete or partial fusion of lower limbs. Although, this syndrome is incompatible with life due toExpand
Non puerperal uterine inversion in a young female- a case report.
We report a case of 28-year-old, primipara who presented with complaints of mass descending per vaginum along with excessive bleeding and foul smelling vaginal discharge for the past six months.Expand
Holoprosencephaly with cyclopia: a rare case report
Holoprosencephaly (HPE) with cyclopia is a rare congenital anomaly of the forebrain system where due to deformation and hypoplasia of the facial skeleton, one eye orbit is formed in the place whereExpand
Quadruplet pregnancy following spontaneous conception: a rare case report.
Quadruplets are a set of four offspring born at one birth which can be fraternal (multizygotic), identical (monozygotic) or a combination of both. Multizygotic quadruplets occur from fertilisation ofExpand
A Three Year Clinicopathological Study of Cases of Rupture Uterus.
INTRODUCTION Rupture uterus is a life threatening obstetric complication with serious maternal and fetal side-effects. We report a 3 year (2010-2013) retrospective clinical study of pregnancy withExpand
Knowledge and Awareness of Cervical Cancer and Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine among Medical Students: A Cross-sectional Study
Aim: Cervical cancer is still one of the most common cancers affecting females in India, leading to a lot of mortality and morbidity. Since it is a preventable cancer, the study is aimed to assessExpand
Maternal and neonatal outcome in newborns with nuchal cord loop: a comparative study
Background: To compare the maternal and neonatal outcome between the new-born with and without nuchal cord loop at the time of delivery. Methods: It is a prospective comparative study, conducted inExpand