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Bending-induced birefringence in single-mode fibers.
In a bent optical fiber, lateral internal stress induces a birefringence, betab. At lambda = 0.633 microm in a silica fiber, betab = 7.7 X 10(7) r2 /R2 deg/m, where r is the fiber radius and R is theExpand
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Origins and control of polarization effects in single-mode fibers (A)
The polarization state of light in single-mode fibers is very sensitive to any perturbation which is not symmetric about the fiber axis. While this is a source of noise, drift, or signal fading inExpand
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Magneto‐optic current sensing with birefringent fibers
To measure currents on high‐voltage lines, the Faraday rotation is used in a single‐mode optical fiber encircling the conductor. Disturbing linear birefringence is suppressed by twisting the fiber.Expand
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Electromagnetic acceleration of macroparticles to high velocities
An inductively driven rail‐gun macroparticle accelerator has been built in which velocities of 5.9 km/s have been obtained using an arc as the driving armature. Simple theory is shown to be adequateExpand
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Polarization mode dispersion in single-mode fibers.
In real single-mode optical fibers, imperfections cause the two possible polarizations to propagate at different phase velocities. This birefringence leads to different group velocities. We haveExpand
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High birefringence in tension-coiled single-mode fibers.
Coiling a single-mode fiber of radius r under tension onto a cylinder of radius R produces a linear birefringence of βtc ≃ 28 × 107∊2r/R deg/m in the fiber at λ = 0.63 μm, where ∊z is the relativeExpand
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Measurement of fiber birefringence by wavelength scanning: effect of dispersion.
  • S. Rashleigh
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Optics letters
  • 1 June 1983
Scanning the wavelength in high-birefringence fibers inherently measures the group delay difference, and not the phase delay difference, between the two polarization modes. Dispersion of theExpand
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Polarization holding in birefringent single-mode fibers.
Perturbations in highly birefringent single-mode fibers couple the two polarization modes and degrade the polarization-holding ability. With a broadband source we demonstrate wavelength averaging ofExpand
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Optical fiber sensor technology
The current state of the art of optical fiber sensors is reviewed. Expand
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Acoustic sensing with a single coiled monomode fiber.
A single monomode fiber-optic acoustic sensor is proposed. The acoustic wave differentially changes the phase velocities of the polarization eigenmodes in a tension-coiled fiber, leading to aExpand
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