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Restart of exponential growth of cold-shocked Yersinia enterocolitica occurs after down-regulation of cspA1/A2 mRNA.
The cellular content of major cold shock protein (MCSP) mRNA transcribed from the tandem gene duplication cspA1/A2 and growth of Yersinia enterocolitica were compared when exponentially growingExpand
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Pathogenic Yersinia species carry a novel, cold-inducible major cold shock protein tandem gene duplication producing both bicistronic and monocistronic mRNA.
Inverse PCR was used to amplify major cold shock protein (MCSP) gene families from a diverse range of bacteria, including the psychrotolerant Yersinia enterocolitica, which was found to have twoExpand
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Growth of Facultatively Heterofermentative Lactobacilli on Starter Cell Suspensions
ABSTRACT The growth of facultatively heterofermentative lactobacilli (FHL) on cell suspensions of the homofermentative Lactobacillus helveticus was investigated. Osmotic lysis of L. helveticus led toExpand
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Influence of fluorescence of bacteria stained with acridine orange on the enumeration of microorganisms in raw milk.
The staining of gram-positive and gram-negative cultures with acridine orange in metabolically active and inactive states was investigated using a Bactoscan, direct epifluorescent filter techniqueExpand
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