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Treatment of Amatoxin Poisoning: 20-Year Retrospective Analysis
Background: Amatoxin poisoning is a medical emergency characterized by a long incubation time lag, gastrointestinal and hepatotoxic phases, coma, and death. This mushroom intoxication is ascribed toExpand
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Incidence and levels of fumonisin contamination in maize genotypes grown in Europe and Africa
The natural occurrence of fumonisin B-1 (FB1) and fumonisin B-2 (FB2) has been investigated in 26 maize inbred lines grown in Italy and in 72 maize hybrids grown in Croatia (19), Poland (7), PortugalExpand
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Biological and pharmacological activity of higher fungi: 20-year retrospective analysis
Le vaste potentiel d'activites biologiques au sein du regne fongique est maintenant valide par la communaute scientifique. Depuis plusieurs millenaires, les champignons sont en effet utilises pourExpand
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Hericium erinaceus, an amazing medicinal mushroom
Medicinal mushrooms have become a compelling topic because the bioactive compounds they contain promise a plethora of therapeutic properties. Hericium erinaceus commonly known as “Houtou” orExpand
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Role of methylotrophy during symbiosis between Methylobacterium nodulans and Crotalaria podocarpa.
Some rare leguminous plants of the genus Crotalaria are specifically nodulated by the methylotrophic bacterium Methylobacterium nodulans. In this study, the expression and role of bacterialExpand
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Influence of dung volatiles on the process of resource selection by coprophagous beetles
Summary.Most dung beetles colonize the faeces of several vertebrate species without much discrimination, and are thus often considered as polyphagous. Recent studies have provided evidence for clearExpand
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Medicinal mushrooms in prevention and control of diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is a life-threatening chronic metabolic disease caused by lack of insulin and/or insulin dysfunction, characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia). MillionsExpand
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Bioactive metabolites from macrofungi: ethnopharmacology, biological activities and chemistry
Exploration of natural sources for novel bioactive compounds has been an emerging field of medicine over the past decades, providing drugs or lead compounds of considerable therapeutic potential.Expand
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Medicinal mushrooms in supportive cancer therapies: an approach to anti-cancer effects and putative mechanisms of action
Medicinal mushrooms have been valued as natural sources of bioactive compounds since times immemorial and have been recognized as potential immunomodulating and anti-cancer agents. Their consumptionExpand
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Intoxication by Cortinarius orellanus: Detection and assay of orellanine in biological fluids and renal biopsies
A woman suffering from acute tubulo-interstitial nephritis was admitted to the hospital ten days after deliberate intoxication by ingestion of Cortinarius orellanus. Orellanine, the main toxinExpand
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