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Role of the matrixin MMP-2 in multicellular organization of adipocytes cultured in basement membrane components.
Primary rat adipocytes cultured in basement membrane component gels migrated and organized into large, three-dimensional, multicellular clusters. Gross morphological changes seen during thisExpand
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Influence of the extracellular matrix on type 2 cell differentiation.
Growth and division of type II pulmonary epithelial cells are important components of the pathway by which the alveolar surface is repaired following several forms of lung injury. These processes,Expand
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Implications of post-pneumonectomy compensatory lung growth in pulmonary physiology and disease
In a number of species, partial pneumonectomy initiates hormonally regulated compensatory growth of the remaining lung lobes that restores normal mass, structure and function. Compensation isExpand
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Regulation by insulin of amino acid release and protein turnover in the perfused rat hemicorpus.
Net changes in the concentrations of 18 amino acids in perfusate and skeletal muscle were followed during perfusion of hemicorpus preparations from fed rat. Perfusate levels of 16 amino acids showedExpand
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Role of laminin in maintenance of type II pneumocyte morphology and function.
Loss of differentiated function by type II pneumocytes plated on plastic surfaces was demonstrated by decreased lamellar body content, increased cellular protein, and rapid cellular flattening,Expand
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Sildenafil citrate does not affect cardiac contractility in human or dog heart
SUMMARY Objective: This study evaluated whether sildenafil citrate, an oral treatment for erectile dysfunction and a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) with modest vasodilatingExpand
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Stretch-related changes in lung cAMP after partial pneumonectomy.
In rats, left pneumonectomy (PNX) initiates rapid compensatory hyperplastic growth of the right lung. Previous work indicated that increased polyamine uptake associated with post-PNX distortion orExpand
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Spermidine uptake by type II pneumocytes: interactions of amine uptake pathways.
Uptake of exogenous spermidine by type II pulmonary epithelial cells in primary culture is inhibited by several amines. The present studies further detail the interaction of those alternativeExpand
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Two different intrachain cAMP binding sites of cAMP-dependent protein kinases.
The regulatory subunits of both isozymes of cAMP-dependent protein kinase bind 2 mol of cAMP/mol of monomer. cAMP dissociation studies indicate similar cAMP binding behavior for each isozyme. EachExpand
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Two classes of cAMP analogs which are selective for the two different cAMP-binding sites of type II protein kinase demonstrate synergism when added together to intact adipocytes.
Twenty-five cyclic nucleotide analogs were tested individually to act as lipolytic agents and to activate adipocyte protein kinase. The lipolytic potency of individual analogs correlated better withExpand
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