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An overview of enzymatic production of biodiesel.
Biodiesel production has received considerable attention in the recent past as a biodegradable and nonpolluting fuel. The production of biodiesel by transesterification process employing alkaliExpand
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Synthesis and base pairing studies of geranylated 2-thiothymidine, a natural variant of thymidine.
The synthesis and base pairing of DNA duplexes containing the geranylated 2-thiothymidine have been investigated. This naturally existing hydrophobic modification could grant better base pairingExpand
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Modification of messenger RNA by 2′-O-methylation regulates gene expression in vivo
Epitranscriptomic modifications of mRNA are important regulators of gene expression. While internal 2′-O-methylation (Nm) has been discovered on mRNA, questions remain about its origin and functionExpand
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Water-bridged hydrogen bond formation between 5-hydroxylmethylcytosine (5-hmC) and its 3'-neighbouring bases in A- and B-form DNA duplexes.
5-Hydroxylmethylcytosine (5hmC) has been recognized as the sixth base with important biological functions in many tissues and cell types. We present here the high-resolution crystal structures andExpand
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Celebrating wobble decoding: Half a century and still much is new
ABSTRACT A simple post-transcriptional modification of tRNA, deamination of adenosine to inosine at the first, or wobble, position of the anticodon, inspired Francis Crick's Wobble Hypothesis 50Expand
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Complex Thermodynamic Behavior of Single-Stranded Nucleic Acid Adsorption to Graphene Surfaces.
In just over a decade since its discovery, research on graphene has exploded due to a number of potential applications in electronics, materials, and medicine. In its water-soluble form of grapheneExpand
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Advances in RNA molecular dynamics: a simulator's guide to RNA force fields
Molecular simulations have become an essential tool for biochemical research. When they work properly, they are able to provide invaluable interpretations of experimental results and ultimatelyExpand
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Modular calibrant sets for the structural analysis of nucleic acids by ion mobility spectrometry mass spectrometry.
This study explored the use of modular nucleic acid (NA) standards to generate calibration curves capable of translating primary ion mobility readouts into corresponding collision cross section (CCS)Expand
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Synthesis, base pairing and structure studies of geranylated RNA
Natural RNAs utilize extensive chemical modifications to diversify their structures and functions. 2-Thiouridine geranylation is a special hydrophobic tRNA modification that has been discovered veryExpand
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Structural accommodations accompanying splicing of a group II intron RNP
Abstract Group II introns, the putative progenitors of spliceosomal introns and retrotransposons, are ribozymes that are capable of self-splicing and DNA invasion. In the cell, group II introns formExpand
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