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Principal Components Analysis and Receptor Models in Environmental Forensics
This chapter provides an overview of quantitative, multivariate exploratory data analysis methods in use in environmental forensics and chemical fingerprinting. Expand
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Analysis of biodiesel-diesel blends using ultrafast gas chromatography (UFGC) and chemometric methods: Extending ASTM D7798 to biodiesel
Abstract Ultrafast gas chromatography (UFGC) along with supervised and unsupervised chemometric methods were utilized for evaluation of biodiesel-diesel blended fuels. A variety of biodieselExpand
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Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2008 Pittsburgh Conference
A model for projecting productivity improvements resulting from the introduction of laboratory informatics solutions . Expand
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J/ψ, ψ′ and Drell-Yan production in pp and pd interactions at 450 GeV/c
This paper deals with sustainable development policies in the French South-Eastern Alps region (Digne-les-Bains). It aims to delineate the influence of communication and mediation practices which areExpand
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[Adventures of the feminist movement on the road to Cairo].
The meeting of the health network of Latin American and Caribbean women was held in July 1993 and focused on strategies and issues of reproductive health and rights of women on the way to the CairoExpand
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Chemometrics-enhanced Classification of Source Rock Samples Using their Bulk Geochemical Data: Southern Persian Gulf Basin
Chemometric methods can enhance geochemical interpretations, especially when working with large datasets. With this aim, exploratory hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) and principal componentExpand
A four-dimensional deconvolution method to correct NA38 experimental data
Abstract A four-dimensional method to unfold NA38 experimental distributions is presented. It is based on the Bayes theorem and uses an iterative procedure. Tests of this method on Monte-CarloExpand
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Constructing the Perfect Data Base
In quality assessment, there is often a need to store prior data so it can be used as a reference to improve control. This paper addresses the problem of instrument drift in constructing a data baseExpand