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Genetic drift at expanding frontiers promotes gene segregation
A comparison of bacterial and yeast colonies suggests that this large-scale genetic sectoring is a generic phenomenon that may provide a detectable footprint of past range expansions.
Optical interrogation of neural circuits in Caenorhabditis elegans
It is demonstrated that one can excite specific neurons expressing ChR2 while simultaneously monitoring G-CaMP fluorescence in several other neurons, making it possible to rapidly decipher functional connections in C. elegans neural circuits.
Signal processing by the HOG MAP kinase pathway
This work designed a microfluidic device to reliably change the environment of single cells over a range of frequencies and measured the bandwidth of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae signaling pathway that responds to high osmolarity, finding that the two-component Ssk1 branch of this pathway is capable of fast signal integration, whereas the kinase Ste11 branch is not.
Differential Diffusivity of Nodal and Lefty Underlies a Reaction-Diffusion Patterning System
Results indicate that differential diffusivity is the major determinant of the differences in Nodal/Lefty range and provide biophysical support for reaction-diffusion models of activator/inhibitor-mediated patterning.
Fixed single-cell transcriptomic characterization of human radial glial diversity
This study identified vRG and oRG markers and molecular profiles, an essential step for understanding human neocortical progenitor development, using FRISCR, a method for profiling the transcriptomes of individual fixed, stained and sorted cells.
Controlling interneuron activity in Caenorhabditis elegans to evoke chemotactic behavior
Optogenetics and new optical tools are used to manipulate neural activity directly in freely moving animals to evoke chemotactic behaviour and it is discovered that controlling the dynamics of activity in just one interneuron pair (AIY) was sufficient to force the animal to locate, turn towards and track virtual light gradients.
Dynamics and Instabilities of Planar Tensile Cracks in Heterogeneous Media
The dynamics of tensile crack fronts restricted to advance in a plane are studied. In an ideal linear elastic medium, a propagating mode along the crack front with a velocity slightly less than the
Statistics of Earthquakes in Simple Models of Heterogeneous Faults
Simple models for ruptures along a heterogeneous earthquake fault zone are studied, focusing on the interplay between the roles of disorder and dynamical effects. A class of models are found to