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Spatially Sparse Precoding in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems
We exploit the spatial structure of mmWave channels to formulate the precoding/combining problem as a sparse reconstruction problem. Expand
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IEEE 802.15.7 visible light communication: modulation schemes and dimming support
IEEE 802.15.7 provides dimming adaptable mechanisms for flicker-free high-data-rate visible light communication using visible light spectrum from 380 to 780 nm. Expand
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Low complexity precoding for large millimeter wave MIMO systems
We exploit the structure of mmWave channels to formulate the precoder design problem as a sparsity constrained least squares problem. Expand
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The capacity optimality of beam steering in large millimeter wave MIMO systems
We consider both beamforming and multi-stream precoding in single user systems with large mmWave antenna arrays and show that the unconstrained capacity-achieving precoding solutions converge to simple beam steering solutions. Expand
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Millimeter-wave mobile broadband with large scale spatial processing for 5G mobile communication
In this paper, we propose a millimeter wave mobile broadband (MMB) system for the next generation mobile communication system (5G). Expand
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IEEE 802.15.7 physical layer summary
This paper summarizes the PHY layer of the IEEE 802.15.7 Standard for Short-Range Wireless Optical Communication using Visible Light, and highlights issues that drove the technical content. Expand
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Antenna Array Design for Multi-Gbps mmWave Mobile Broadband Communication
We demonstrate the feasibility of mmWave mobile broadband (MMB) communication supporting multi-Gbps data rates via system design supporting beamforming, system performance and SINR geometry analysis. Expand
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Multimode precoding in millimeter wave MIMO transmitters with multiple antenna sub-arrays
We propose an iterative precoding algorithm for a practical mmWave transmitter architecture in which all precoding is done in the analog domain. Expand
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Channel Feasibility for Outdoor Non-Line-of-Sight mmWave Mobile Communication
We show that a wide beam width, low gain antenna at the mobile receiver can capture more energy in scattered non-line-of-sight environments and thus, can provide more gain than a narrow beam, high gain antenna. Expand
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Beam broadening for phased antenna arrays using multi-beam subarrays
  • S. Rajagopal
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications…
  • 10 June 2012
This paper provides a systematic approach for beam broadening for phased antenna arrays, with unit amplitude constraint and without turning off antennas, using multi-beam subarrays. Expand
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