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Scenario of oilseed crops across the globe
India is one of the largest producers of oilseeds in the world and occupies an important position in the Indian agricultural economy. There are nine important oilseeds crops grown in India out ofExpand
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Cyanobacteria of Nepal: A Checklist with Distribution
This compilation work presents an up-to-date list of the cyanophycean algae reported by various workers in past from Nepal. It comprises a total 274 taxa belonging to 61 genera under 12 families.Expand
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On Some Desmids from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal
The present work enumerates a total 26 desmids (Chlorophyta) from ponds and reservoirs in and around Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal. They belong to 8 genera i.e. Closterium (4), Euastrum (4),Expand
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Taxonomy and Diversity of Genus Pediastrum Meyen (Chlorophyceae, Algae) in East Nepal
Pediastrum Meyen is a green algae occurs frequently in lentic environment like pond, puddles, lakes etc. mostly in warm and humid terai region. Twenty taxa of Pediasturm have been reported fromExpand
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New Occurrence of Sapphirine-spinel-bearing Granulite from NW of Chilka Lake, Eastern Ghats Belt, Odisha
A new locality of sapphirine-spinel-bearing granulites from the Kaithapalli area which lies NW of Chilka Lake, Odisha is reported. The area tectonically forms a northern part of Eastern Ghats belt.Expand
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Mental health, bullying, and violent injuries among adolescents A cross-sectional study
Background: Adolescents (10–19 years) constitute about one-fifth (21.4%) of India’s population. It has been identified as one of the vulnerable periods of life when the various health problems mayExpand
Aetiology of Infertility: An Epidemiological Study -
"Introduction: In a social set-up as existing in Indian subcontinent, with a strong emphasis on child-bearing; infertility manifests as a condition with psychological, economic and medicalExpand
Are adolescents ready for future responsibilities? Experience from a cross-sectional study regarding Breastfeeding knowledge and attitude
Background: Breastfeeding plays an important role in the holistic development of a child. Current knowledge and attitude of future parents will significantly influence breastfeeding practices.Expand
Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Development: A Study of Agro-ecological Zoning for Rupandehi District
The study was conducted during 1998-2000 to identify, characterize, and utilize the natural resources for developing sustainable agriculture system in Rupandehi district, Nepal by using GeographicExpand