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Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics
  • S. Rae
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 1995
moral choices an introduction to ethics by rae scott 3rd ebook pdf moral choices an introduction to ethics moral choices an introduction to ethics by rae scott 3rd epub download moral choices anExpand
Body & Soul: Human Nature the Crisis in Ethics
Body & Soul: Human Nature & The Crisis In Ethics: J.P ... "In An Age When Some Educated Christians Are Selling Out The Soul For A Mess Of Materialistic Pottage, Moreland And Rae's Body & Soul Is AExpand
Bioethics: A Christian Approach in a Pluralistic Age
The authors assess various secular approaches to bioethics that are particularly influential today and develop a framework for a Christian approach to assist people in addressing the many pressingExpand
Business for the common good : a Christian vision for the marketplace
  • S. Rae
  • Political Science
  • 1 February 2011
246 acts “that should generally be avoided, and never pursued for their own sake, but which may be permitted or even enjoined for other reasons (as a means to other ends). These could be termed,”Expand
The Ethics of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood: Brave New Families?
  • S. Rae
  • Political Science
  • 7 December 1993
Introduction The Legal Tradition of Procreative Liberty The Ethics of Commercial Surrogacy Parental Rights and the Definition of Motherhood in Surrogacy Moral Analysis of Current Surrogacy LawExpand
The Tornado Damage Risk Assessment Predicting the Impact of A Big Outbreak in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
  • S. Rae
  • Geography
  • 14 September 2000
How would an urban area fare if it had over 30,000 structures and 80,000 residents in the direct path of a monster class violent tornado? The tremendous damages in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, inExpand
How Much Brain Do I Need To Be Human
Some time ago on a hospital ethics committee consult, the patient was an anencephalic child, born in the hospital?s NICU. The physician had brought the case to the committee and held the view that noExpand
On the connection between sickness and sin: a commentary.
  • S. Rae
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Christian bioethics
  • 2006
In response to the articles by Eibach and Groenhut in this issue, I argue that there is a general connection between sickness and the entrance of sin into the world. There are times when there is aExpand