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Borna disease virus circulating immunocomplex positivity and psychopathology in psychiatric patients in the Czech Republic.
The highest levels of BDV CIC were detected in patients with more severe psychopathology, and this was associated with the higher severity of psychopathology in comparison with patients with mild or moderate psychopathology. Expand
Borna disease virus (BDV) circulating immunocomplex positivity in addicted patients in the Czech Republic: a prospective cohort analysis
Investigating the seropositivity of BDV circulating immunocomplexes (CIC) in patients with alcohol and drug dependence and healthy individuals (blood donors) found no association between BDV CIC positivity and other anamnestic and demographic characteristics. Expand
Regional cerebellar metabolism (18FDG PET) predicts the clinical outcome of the short-term inpatient treatment of alcohol addiction.
This study is the first to document that the cerebellum and particularly the vermis is involved in the clinical outcome in terms of abstinence during one year and its findings support the role of the Cerebellum in addiction and the possibility to predict therapeutic outcome. Expand
Borna Disease Virus and Psychiatric Disorders: Can Viruses Influence Psychiatric Disorders?
1.1 Psychiatric disorders and infectious diseases Psychiatric disorders are a wide group of diseases with a heterogeneous aetiology (genetic predisposition, environmental factors, exposure to stress,Expand
P0303 - Evaluation of postgraduate studies in Czech Republic: Current situation and perspectives
Background and Aims: In an effort to acquire detailed overview regarding postgraduate training in psychiatry together with gaining opinions on the present and ideal postgraduate programm, our YoungExpand
P 310 The effect of low-frequency rTMS on regional brain metabolism ( PET ) in auditory hallucinations as the background for neuronavi-gated rTMS
index and the MDI was sent out to a randomly selected adult Swedish population and 10 441 persons participated. Psychiatrists using SCAN interviewed a selected sample. Sensitivity, specificity,Expand
Depression and migraine: what do they have in common?
V článku je uveden přehled dostupných údajů o společném výskytu deprese a migrény a možnostech antidepresivní medikace a vyšší sebevražedností. Expand
Positivity of borna disease virus (BDV) in patients with substance abuse
Backgrounds and aims BDV is a RNA virus belonging to the family Bornaviridae with a high affinity to the limbic system. BDV interferes with receptors in the CNS, causing changes in neurotransmitterExpand