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The Origin and Prevention of Major Wars: Domestic Politics and War
Domestic Politics and War It is difficult to read both the theoretical literature in political science on the causes of war and historians' case studies of the origins of particular wars withoutExpand
The First World War: An Agrarian Interpretation.
This is a completely new interpretation of the First World War. Dr Offer weaves together the economic and social history of the English-speaking world, the Pacific Basin, and Germany, with theExpand
The Origin and Prevention of Major Wars
Introduction: 1. Old wars and future wars: causation and prevention Joseph S. Nye, Jr Part I. The Origins of War: Structural Theories: 2. The theory of hegemonic war Robert Gilpin 3. The origins ofExpand
The Origin and Prevention of Major Wars: The Theory of Hegemonic War
The Theory of Hegemonic War In the introduction to his history of the great war between the Spartans and the Athenians, Thucydides wrote that he was addressing "those inquirers who desire an exactExpand
Austria-Hungary and the Origins of the First World War
Acknowledgements - Abbreviations - Maps - Introduction - Austria-Hungary and the International System: Great Power or Doomed Anachronism? - The Domestic Context of Habsburg Foreign Policy - Dynasty,Expand
The Origins of World War I
World War I began in eastern Europe. The war started when Serbia, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany decided that war or the risk of war was an acceptable policy option. In the aftermath of theExpand
When Change Is the Only Constant.