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Cervical penetration and transcervical AI of tropical sheep (Malpura) at natural oestrus using frozen-thawed semen
Abstract This study comprising of two trials was undertaken in ewes exhibiting natural oestrus to evaluate a simple transcervical artificial insemination technique suitably modified for use inExpand
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Estrus induction and fertility response in acycling Awassi-Malpura ewes treated with progesterone and PMSG in a tropical climate
Estrus and fertility response were assessed in acycling crossbred Awassi-Malpura ewes (n=46: maiden=23: parous=23) treated with natural progesterone and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin (PMSG).Expand
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Estrus response and fertility in postpartum ewes using progesterone and PMSG in tropical environment
Estrus response and fertility were assessed in postpartum (9 weeks) ewes using progesterone in combination with PMSG during winter and summer. Proportion of ewes those exhibited behavioural estrusExpand
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Testicular development of Malpura ram lambs under extensive and intensive feeding regimen.
Newly born male lambs of Malpura breed were divided into two groups to examine the effect of two feeding (extensive and intensive) regimen on growth, testicular development and attainment of puberty.Expand
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Regional Stratigraphy of Quaternary Deposits in Parts of Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Quaternary stratigraphy of a part of Thar desert, Rajasthan is proposed based on the correlation of depositional sequences in Kantli-Ghaggar basin, Luni basin, Sambhar lake and Jaipur area. TheExpand
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