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Common and rare species respond to similar niche processes in macroinvertebrate metacommunities
Ecologists have long investigated why communities are composed of a few common species and many rare species. Most studies relate rarity to either niche diff erentiation among species or spatialExpand
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A macroinvertebrate multimetric index to evaluate the biological condition of streams in the Central Amazon region of Brazil
Abstract Managers, researchers and technicians involved in the conservation and management of water resources in the Central Amazonia need a robust tool to assess biological quality in aquaticExpand
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Deforestation and sewage effects on aquatic macroinvertebrates in urban streams in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
In the last few years, awareness in developed countries has increased regarding the importance of urban watercourses as essential natural resources for human well being. Macroinvertebrates have beenExpand
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Effect of vegetation removal for road building on richness and composition of Odonata communities in Amazonia, Brazil
This study showed that the main impact on Odonata species of removal of riparian vegetation for road building was on community composition, since species richness remained unaltered. This result,Expand
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Trophic structure of macroinvertebrates in Amazonian streams impacted by anthropogenic siltation
This study assessed the results of anthropogenic sediment input on macroinvertebrate trophic structure in streams located in an area of oil and natural gas exploitation in Brazil's Amazon forest. TheExpand
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An illustrated key to nymphs of Perlidae (Insecta, Plecoptera) genera in Central Amazonia, Brazil
An illustrated key to nymphs of Perlidae collected in streams of Central Amazonia, Brazil is provided. Three genera are reported for this region: Macrogynoplax Enderlein, Anacroneuria Klapalek andExpand
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Effects of anthropogenic silt on aquatic macroinvertebrates and abiotic variables in streams in the Brazilian Amazon
PurposeWhile environmental risks associated with petroleum extraction such as oil spills or leaks are relatively well known, little attention has been given to the impacts of silt. The increase inExpand
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Species of Oukuriella Epler (Diptera, Chironomidae) inside freshwater sponges in Brazil
Larvae of Oukuriella Epler, 1986 (Diptera, Chironomidae) inside freshwater sponges are reported for the first time in Brazil.
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Female and immature stages of Oukuriella epleri Messias & Fittkau, 1997, a freshwater sponge-dwelling Chironomidae
Abstract Female, pupa, and larva of Oukuriella epleri Messias & Fittkau, 1997 are described and figured. The larvae were collected in freshwater-sponges from Amazonia. We also provide an emendedExpand
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Predação de sementes de andiroba [Carapa guianensis Aubl. e Carapa procera DC. (Meliaceae)] por insetos na Amazônias
RESUMO – Os objetivos deste trabalho foram identificar os insetos associados a predacao de sementes de Carapa guianensis e Carapa procera e avaliar o potencial de dano nas sementes por insetos e aExpand
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