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Structural basis for the carbohydrate recognition of the Sclerotium rolfsii lectin.
The crystal structure of a novel fungal lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii (SRL) in its free form and in complex with N-acetyl-d-galactosamine (GalNAc) and N-acetyl- d -glucosamine (GlcNAc) has beenExpand
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Purification, characterization and molecular cloning of a monocot mannose-binding lectin from Remusatia vivipara with nematicidal activity
A mannose-binding lectin (RVL) was purified from the tubers of Remusatia vivipara, a monocot plant by single-step affinity chromatography on asialofetuin-Sepharose 4B. RVL agglutinated only rabbitExpand
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A potent mitogenic lectin from the mycelia of a phytopathogenic fungus, Rhizoctonia bataticola, with complex sugar specificity and cytotoxic effect on human ovarian cancer cells
A lectin with strong mitogenic activity towards human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and cytotoxic effect on human ovarian cancer cells has been purified from the mycelium of aExpand
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Immunolocalization and functional role of Sclerotium rolfsii lectin in development of fungus by interaction with its endogenous receptor.
Many fungi are known to secrete lectins, but their functional roles are not clearly understood. Sclerotium rolfsii, a soilborne plant pathogenic fungus capable of forming fruiting bodies calledExpand
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Crystal structure of a β-prism II lectin from Remusatia vivipara.
The crystal structure of a β-prism II (BP2) fold lectin from Remusatia vivipara, a plant of traditional medicinal value, has been determined at a resolution of 2.4 Å. This lectin (RVL, RemusatiaExpand
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Carbohydrate specificity of a lectin isolated from the fungus Sclerotium rolfsii.
In order to investigate the functional roles of a phytopathogenic fungal lectin (SRL) isolated from the bodies of Sclerotium rolfsii, the binding properties of SRL were studied by enzyme linkedExpand
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Rhizoctonia bataticola lectin (RBL) induces mitogenesis and cytokine production in human PBMC via p38 MAPK and STAT-5 signaling pathways.
BACKGROUND Rhizoctonia bataticola lectin (RBL), purified from phytopathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia bataticola is highly mitogenic towards human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). The lectin hasExpand
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Purification, characterization and biological significance of mannose binding lectin from Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils.
Dioscorea bulbifera or air potato has been used as a folk remedy to treat cancer. A mannose binding lectin from bulbils of D. bulbifera was purified in a single step by affinity chromatography onExpand
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Purification and Characterization of a Mitogenic Lectin from Cephalosporium, a Pathogenic Fungus Causing Mycotic Keratitis
Ophthalmic mycoses caused by infectious fungi are being recognized as a serious concern since they lead to total blindness. Cephalosporium is one amongst several opportunistic fungal speciesExpand
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The TF-antigen binding lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii inhibits growth of human colon cancer cells by inducing apoptosis in vitro and suppresses tumor growth in vivo.
Glycan array analysis of Sclerotium rolfsii lectin (SRL) revealed its exquisite binding specificity to the oncofetal Thomsen-Friedenreich (Galβ1-3GalNAcα-O-Ser/Thr, T or TF) antigen and itsExpand
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