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A taxonomic monograph of the genus Acrolejeunea (Hepaticae) : with an arrangement of the genera of Ptychanthoideae
The present study was initiated a few years ago by Dr. R. Grolle (Jena) who discovered that Acrolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. was probably the correct name for a tropical liverwort genus to which inExpand
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Systematics ofPlagiochila sect.Glaucescentes Carl (Hepaticae) from tropical America: A morphological and chemotaxonomical approach
The systematics of theGlaucescentes Carl, a poorly known neotropical section of the large genusPlagiochila, is revised based on a large set of gametophytic, sporophytic and chemical characters. ThreeExpand
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Phylogeny and Classification of Lejeuneaceae Subtribe Cheilolejeuneinae (Marchantiophyta) Based on Nuclear and Plastid Molecular Markers
Abstract Cheilolejeuneinae is an early diverging lineage of Lejeuneaceae tribe Lejeuneeae with a pantropical distribution. The current phylogeny and classification of this subtribe is based onExpand
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Reinerantha foliicola, a new genus and species of Lejeuneaceae subtribe Cololejeuneinae (Marchantiophyta) from Ecuador
Cololejeuneinae is the largest subtribe of the liverwort family Lejeuneaceae and the crown group of the family. The species often grow on the surfaces of living leaves and twigs or in swiftly runningExpand
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Surface wax, a new taxonomic feature in Plagiochilaceae
A scanning electron microscope study of 81 species of Plagiochilaceae revealed the presence of superficial waxes on the leaves and stems ofPlagiochilion mayebarae and 5 species ofPlagiochila. TheExpand
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Phytochemical and morphological support for the existence of two species inMonoclea (Hepaticae)
Recognition of two different species in the liverwort genusMonocleaHook. (monotypic orderMonocleales), viz.M. forsteriHook. in New Zealand andM. gottscheiLindb. in the New World, is supported byExpand
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