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Successful treatment of collagen‐induced arthritis in mice with a hydroalcohol extract of seeds of Pterodon pubescens
The antiarthritic effect of a hydroalcohol extract of Pterodon pubescens (HEPp) seeds was tested using collagen‐induced arthritis (CIA) in DBA1/J mice treated with daily oral doses of HEPp inExpand
Acute and topic anti‐edematogenic fractions isolated from the seeds of Pterodon pubescens
We previously demonstrated that alcoholic extracts from Pterodon pubescens Benth. (Sucupira branca, Leguminosae) seeds exhibit anti‐arthritic activity. In the present work we show that the oleaginousExpand
Terpenic subfraction of Pterodon pubescens induces apoptosis of K562 leukemic cells by modulating gene expression.
Deregulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis is linked to malignant cell development. Leukemia is the most frequent cancer in children, and plants are important sources for new potentialExpand
Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha as radio- and chemoprotectors of bone marrow.
Administration of interleukin 1 (IL-1) or tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF alpha) protects bone marrow precursor cells (BMPC) from ionizing radiation and antineoplastic drugs. The time of injectionExpand
Role of Extracellular Matrix-Mediated Interactions in Thymocyte Migration
Cell adhesion, migration, differentiation and survival or death is amongst a large spectrum of biological responses that can be elicited by ligation of extracellular matrix components to theirExpand
Sugar inhibition of the lectin jacalin: comparison of three assays.
1. Three assays were used to test nine sugars for inhibition of jacalin activity prepared from Artocarpus integrifolia. Rat spleen proliferation was unsuitable since the measurement of the effects ofExpand
Upregulated expression of fibronectin receptors underlines the adhesive capability of thymocytes to thymic epithelial cells during the early stages of differentiation: lessons from sublethally
A 250-cGy whole-body gamma-radiation dose was used to induce thymus regression in mice, and to study the expression and function of extracellular matrix (ECM) receptors in distinct thymocyte subsetsExpand
Heme-Induced ROS in Trypanosoma Cruzi Activates CaMKII-Like That Triggers Epimastigote Proliferation. One Helpful Effect of ROS
Heme is a ubiquitous molecule that has a number of physiological roles. The toxic effects of this molecule have been demonstrated in various models, based on both its pro-oxidant nature and through aExpand
Immunomodulatory effects of sucupira (Pterodon pubescens) seed infusion on collagen-induced arthritis.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical and immunomodulatory efficacy of seed extracts from sucupira branca (Pterodon pubescens Benth.), a Brazilian anti-inflammatory folk medicine, against collagen IIExpand
Epidermal Growth Factor Modulates Fetal Thymocyte Growth and Differentiation
In the present study, we used the fetal organ culture (FTOC) technique in order to study a putative effect of epidermal growth factor (EGF) on the thymus ontogeny. Functional EGF receptors and moreExpand