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Histology of the nervous system of man and vertebrates
In terms of breadth, depth, and originality, this work ranked Cajal with Pasteur and Darwin as giants of 19th century biology. Summarizing almost 20 years of intense research, Cajal systematicallyExpand
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Histology of the Nervous System
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Texture of the Nervous System of Man and the Vertebrates
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Advice for a Young Investigator
Santiago Ramon y Cajal was a mythic figure in science. Hailed as the father of modern anatomy and neurobiology, he was largely responsible for the modern conception of the brain. His groundbreakingExpand
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Cajal's Degeneration And Regeneration Of The Nervous System
PART I: Cajal and Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System Section I: Introduction to the Text Editors' Commentary Material omitted from the Original English Edition Section II: Cajal inExpand
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Voltage-dependent potassium channels Kv1.3 and Kv1.5 in human cancer.
Membrane ion channels participate in cancerous processes such as proliferation, migration and invasion, which contribute to metastasis. Increasing evidence indicates that voltage-dependent K+ (Kv)Expand
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The neuron and the glial cell
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