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Alcohol reduction in red wines by technological and microbiological approaches: a comparative study
Background and Aims The aim of this work was to assess and compare the chemical composition and colour characteristics of Barbera red wines obtained after partial alcohol reduction using threeExpand
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Phenolic Substances, Flavor Compounds, and Textural Properties of Three Native Romanian Wine Grape Varieties
In this work, the chemical compositions and texture characteristics of three native Romanian wine grape varieties (Fetească regală, Fetească alba, and Fetească neagră) were studied. We assessed theExpand
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Grape VOCs Response to Postharvest Short-Term Ozone Treatments
Ozone has been recently recognized as an efficient sanitizing agent in wine industry because of its powerful oxidizing properties. Furthermore, postharvest treatments of grapes with ozone canExpand
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Berry density and size as factors related to the physicochemical characteristics of Muscat Hamburg table grapes (Vitis vinifera L.).
The aim of this work was to determine the impact of using independently berry density and diameter as sorting methodologies on important physicochemical parameters affecting the grape quality, suchExpand
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CIEL*a*b* parameters of white dehydrated grapes as quality markers according to chemical composition, volatile profile and mechanical properties.
In the oenological sector, the withering process is of particular importance in the production of dry and sweet dessert wines due to the total or partial use of overripe and/or dehydrated grapes.Expand
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Effect of growing zone and vintage on the prediction of extractable flavanols in winegrape seeds by a FT-NIR method.
The feasibility of Fourier transform-near-infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy for predicting the extractable content of phenolic compounds directly in intact grape seeds was evaluated. NIR calibrationExpand
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Influence of skin hardness on dehydration kinetics of wine grapes.
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the influence of initial mechanical properties on the evolution of the weight loss of berries through the drying process is scarce. Therefore, the main purpose of this workExpand
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Impact of post-harvest ozone treatments on the skin phenolic extractability of red winegrapes cv Barbera and Nebbiolo (Vitis vinifera L.).
Recently the use of ozone as sanitizing agent has been proposed on winegrapes in order to control mycobiota after harvest. The aim of this work was to investigate possible indirect physico-chemicalExpand
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Assessment of metal bioavailability in the vineyard soil-grapevine system using different extraction methods.
This study was focused on the assessment of single and sequential extraction methods to predict the bioavailability of metals in the vineyard soil-grapevine system. The modified BCR sequentialExpand
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Selection of a Mechanical Property for Flesh Firmness of Table Grapes in Accordance with an OIV Ampelographic Descriptor
Flesh firmness is a sensory characteristic proposed by Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV) as an ampelographic descriptor for grape varieties and Vitis species (OIV code 235). ToExpand
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